My name is Nadya Mercik, and my every day begins with creating stories. Since I was a child, my imagination always ran wild. Now I have tamed it to build worlds and write stories.
Back in the day, I started as a literary translator of science fiction and fantasy and was lucky to work on the novels and short stories by Richard Morgan, David Brin, Jonathan L. Howard, Michael Moorcock, Michael Swanwick, Hannu Rajaniemi, Eleanor Arnason and others. Even before my degree in linguistics and translation, I was always fascinated with foreign languages.

Helping stories cross the language and cultural borders, and bring their themes, worlds and adventures to the reader in another part of the world felt like the right application of my skills. Having joined the editorial team of a big publishing house later on, I built my own team of translators and worked with even more amazing books. Peter Newman’s “Vagrant”, Scott Oden’s “A Gathering of Ravens”, Jacek Dukaj’s “The Perfect Imperfection” and so many more I helped edit or saw out in the print. I hope to learn even more languages and facilitate even more books across borders in the future.

Currently, I volunteer as part of the editorial team for the British Fantasy Society’s magazine “Horizons”. There is magic in discovering a new story, in working with the author to make the story its best, and in helping new authors at the start of their career. I also write book reviews for the BFS.

However, translating and editing stories has never been enough. Worlds, characters and their dramas keep popping up in my head and demand to be put onto paper all the time. Sometimes I feel like Dr. Strange in the multiverse – thankfully, not always it’s the multiverse of madness, though it is madness to keep all those universes in my head at times. My short story “Determinants” was published back in 2019 in a Russian anthology. I have translated and improved it since then and hopefully one day it will see light in English. Another of my short stories – “My Silvern”, a lyrical story of a young woman with a gift to portray the secret world of the harsh Irish Gods Danu and a crush on their vampire-like messenger – appeared in BFS “Horizons” issue 13. I am currently editing the draft of my first novel.

Words are my currency, ink is my blood, imagination is my mode of being. So I decided to share some of it here with you. Hope you’ll enjoy the worlds and the fiction. Strap in and have a wondrous journey! Let’s imagine together!